Thanksgiving Retreat and Homecoming
International Conference Center, Osceola - IA

A time for rejuvenation and returning to our spiritual roots!

Love and Healing in Action

Discover Your Spiritual Heritage

You are a healing light!  Turn it on!  Beam it out!  Experience a spiritual spa of love, self-understanding, and inner peace!  Reunite with your family of spiritual healers from around the world, on the weekend of Thanksgiving Weekend - November 28 - December 1 at the International Conference Center in Osceola, Iowa

Help create a global circle of love and respect!

Join us this fall for healing, sharing, insights, fellowship and fun!

If you are ready to:

  • strengthen inner peace and recapture the feeling of oneness inside
  • experience the profound personal benefits of aligning with Master Soul Healers
  • heal areas of imbalance in your life with a spiritual course correction
  • reunite with people like you who value spiritual family
  • reaffirm how you can do more to heal yourself, and back your loved ones and your community
  • be a clear channel messenger to BE LOVE, SAY LOVE, DO LOVE…

…then this Retreat is for YOU!

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Daily Schedule & Fees

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Peace Community Church International

No walls, no dogma, pure love

Letting your heart flourish is the Peace Community Church International experience.  PCCI is based on a tradition of unity, universal consciousness, and multiple paths to God (Universal or Christ consciousness).

We are a Peace Church without walls that fosters inner spiritual freedom through the appreciation of the universal love that unites us all as spiritual sisters and brothers.

The network of Peace Community Church International affiliates will help you connect with other like-minded people, your spiritual family. Find solutions to life while sharing and being a part of community healing circles and fellowships.