Bask in the Glow and Healing Energy of Spiritual Family

The expression of pure love, the giving and receiving of happy, healing vibrations, wrapped in reverence, acceptance and respect is at the heart of a PCCI Community Fellowship.  Completely led by the spiritual attunement of a PCCI Licensed Teacher or Minister, everyone experiences techniques for uplifting and rejuvenating our souls.

People tend to give so much of themselves that they need this hour to recharge, to sense the purpose of their direction. Fellowship Healing Circles bring personal healing beyond the locked doors of the intellect, opening peripheral vision to opportunities and solutions in the now.

"Community Fellowships provide a feeling of peace.  Daily living’s cares fade to make space for connection with the sincere, loving deeper self and Spirit’s presence is palpable."   Estelle Minor, Charlottesville, VA

Spiritual Cleansing, simple meditation and prayer styles are fostered during the fellowship so everyone has the free will and feels free to just be themselves.  Techniques such as Clear Channel and Love Feast allow you to both receive and give energy.  There is nothing quite like feeling angelic power flowing through you as a channel!

People from all walks of life, cultures and faiths can attend a fellowship where there are no "walls" or dogmas to inhibit your spiritual growth.  For 50 years, people of various religious backgrounds or of no religious affiliation have found that Community Fellowships complement other spiritual practices. You experience an opportunity to just be.  AND you team with others to help each other attained oneness with god or the universe.

After experiencing the unity and acceptance with others and communing with a Spirit, you will leave with a relaxed positive outlook for your week and renewed hope.  The Fellowship ends with extending crystal-clear spiritual energy to one’s home and neighborhood.  Beneficial results can manifest in your family and in the greater community when these are held on a regular basis.

Contact a Minister near you to find a Peace Community Church International Fellowship!