Living a Spiritual Life:
Traditional vs Spiritual Ten Commandments

The distinction of the Old Ten Commandments and the New Spiritual Ten Commandments was introduced in 1997 in Puerto Rico by Dr. Francisco Coll, and during his tour in the U.S. continuing that year. Recently, these were shared again by Dr. Sandra Adler and Dorinda Fox for the benefit of people who may not have seen them; and they were read aloud as a basis for meditation with attendees during the monthly PCCI Fellowship Teleconference. Responses to the contrast between the Old and New commandments show their profound feeling impact on people.

The significance of the Spiritual Commandments contains a powerful message of freedom and inner direction. Spiritual Commandments are affirmative qualities or ways of being that are not proscriptive as in the Historical Ten Commandments. In other words, within the Spiritual Commandments, there is no "thou shall not" or "don't" for the conscious or subconscious mind to rebel against.

"Free will" as a spiritual basis for growth in consciousness is acknowledged. Inherent in the Spiritual Ten Commandments is the recognition of the Creator in all (God within); they are aspirations toward loyalty and respect for self and others on planet earth. The Spiritual Commandments are timeless ideals that can be unfolded to a deeper extent throughout an individual's lifetime(s).

Historical Ten Commandments 

New Ten Commandments 

Thou shalt have no other gods before me Sincerity: candor, earnestness, frankness, honesty, openness
Thou shalt not make unto thee any graven images Loyalty: allegiance, constancy, devotion, faithfulness, fidelity
Thou shalt not take the name of the lord thy god in vain Self-respect: admiration, esteem, consideration, reverence, regard
Remember the sabath day to keep it holy Kindness to myself: benevolence, courtesy, generosity, tenderness, thoughtfulness
Honor thy father and  mother Reverence: tribute, veneration, adoration, honor, homage
Thou shalt not kill Immortality: eternal, everlasting, timeless, endless, indestructible
Thou shalt not committ adultery Magnanimity: goodwill, kindness, beneficence, charity, humanity
Thou shalt not steal Generosity: altruism, benevolence, compassion, love, service
Thou shalt not bear false witness Genuine: authentic, bonafide, valid, natural, sincere
Thou shlat not covet thy neighbor's goods Contentment: gratification, peace, happiness, satisfaction, serenity