Unite with Spiritual Family

Being a Participating Member in Peace Community Church International gives you a direct connection to the healing power of pure Spirit. Through fellowships, weekly and monthly worldwide conference calls, a monthly newsletter and more, you can join a spiritual family of truly concerned people aspiring to and living a life of inner peace.

Your communion with your own team of Master Souls or Guardian Angels and the special teams of angels that give high love and backing to the church will become more prominent in your daily activities.  

You can strengthen your relationships, relax in your professional endeavors and feel a new surge of personal growth.

If you are seeking a church home without walls or dogmatic limitations, then consider joining our mission and vision to strengthen your own inner wisdom and spiritual freedom and to unfold confidence in clear inner guidance. We extend a hand of fellowship and welcome you with open arms and hugs whether you are in person or virtually from across the globe!  

There are no special qualifications; the annual fee is just $25.

To become a Participating Member in a special anointing service download and mail or email this form:  Membership