Thanksgiving Retreat Overview

Internaitonal Conference Center
Osceola, IA

Love and Healing in Action
Discover Your Spiritual Heritage

How deep is your LOVE?  When, where and how can you express your love more?

"Of all earthly music that which reaches farthest into heaven is the beating of a truly loving heart!"

That is the soul of a national retreat for the ages. A reunion with Spirit of pure love, self-understanding, and inner peace - the heart of the Peace Community Church experience.

As a wayshower, you are a healing light.  Your crystal clear part is love and healing in action.  Join an expanding team of healers who have come to share the simple message of  “I Am Love.”  Magnify that reality with your team this fall at the International Conference Center in Osceola, Iowa.


An overview of the weekend schedule

Thursday, November 28th - 4 PM: Come to Thanksgiving Dinner at the Center!  RSVP for Details

Friday, November 29th - 7 PM:  Join us for a Fellowship Reception to welcome in the PCC energy for the retreat  We look forward to seeing you.

Saturday, November 30th : The day begins at 9 AM with Love My True Reality, a  three hour workshop that brings to light all of the ways we can become love - more, everyday.  Balance, releasing "love" blockage and finding deeper answers within are highlights of the course.  Receive super cleansing by the team and learn to sense energy with greater trust. 

After lunch, experience the workshop - Your Path:  The Source of Life's Fulfillment where you clarify just why you are really here for this life and some keys to unblock the power of your heart's desire to help you soar!

Saturday evening is a fellowship and celebration of abundance and happiness with team healings, balaning our auras with energy, yoga and more.  Hear the PCC Orientation Overview Lecture for more clarity of Life on Plane Earth

Sunday, December 1st is a full five hour experience in Refining Your Healing Vibration.  You will discover the many ways that you can enliven your 24/7 healing light to create inner peace inner peace in you and around you!  Your whole tribe will gain the benefits of YOU shining trhe way!

And we close the retreat with our inner commitments to ourselves, the four directions of Spirit, our loved ones and the world!

You can help create a global circle of love and respect!

Join Us and Get Involved

More about the retreat

Centered around two seminal courses of the Peace Community Church Seminary and immersion into our world of Spiritual Healing, the retreat will be a personal regrouping  for all attendees.  In the traditions and steps of one of the great wayshowers, St Francis of Assisi, we will share as instruments of peace:

  • Let us sow love where we feel division
  • Let us spread forgiveness in the shadows of hurt
  • Let us bring the confidence of our Love Feast to doubt or indecision
  • Let us inspire hope and vision to thoughts of depression
  • Let us share joy to the sadness
  • And let us radiate light to the darkness of confusion

This weekend will give us all opportunity to be lighthouses of Spirit!

"PCC retreats heal me! I have released past tensions, found greater peace in my relationships and have experienced a deep unabiding love in my sharing with people!" Reverend Paul Kellogg, Iowa

From your PCCI Affliliate Team

Dear Spiritual Family,

Now is the time to come together, and once again immerse ourselves in the roots of why we are connected as spiritual sisters and brothers.  We incarnated with a commitment to to ourselves and our unique calling! Let's bring our unique pathways, that we each have journeyed, to the center of Spiritual Freedom!

Over the course of the weekend, we will radiate our collective love to the world and bask in the love that returns to us.  We can feel the backing to be of service to people from many walks of life.

Healing, magnetizing our lives, and uplifting our souls will flow through the workshops, Clear Channel Circles and outings to take this energy through our environment.

With love, great respect and joyous backing, 

The PCCI Affiliate Team

Final Note

Obtain your course history from the College and bring it along to help plan what future offerings would suit your needs toward pre-requisites.

Consultants, bring your certification cards and supplies.