Discover The Real You!

Self-Understanding is at hand through private counseling.

Spiritual Counseling

Effective Healing is difficult without a fundamental awareness of your innate spiritual nature.

It is essential to become aware of the Four Avenues of Perception, how your Angels provide eternal love and support, and the ways your Aura is affected by the thoughts of other people.

Only by establishing these Soul Basics, can a deeper healing take place.

Psychological Healing can help heal concepts and attitudes. Spiritual Healing also acknowledges previous lifetimes and the various energies that affect healing.

Orientation Counseling Profile


The Orientation Counseling Profile is the first session of this three session counselling series. This session covers:

1.  You will discover how many Spirit Guides/Angels you contracted with for this lifetime, and how to communicate with them.

  • Set up a direct communication system with your angels to receive yes and no answers to your questions.
  • Follow up with a series of questions designed for your angels to give you more detailed  information.
  • You will discover that you are never alone.
  • You will experience your Angels being close to you sharing love and support.
  • Learn how to use your Angels at home, at work, and at play.
  • This communication technique is very practical and useful.

2. You will learn how your Four Avenues Of Perception are integrated in your life.

  • Discover how these Four Avenues Of Perception are providing hunches every day.
  • You will learn about your Inner Knowing (Prophetic nature), Clairvoyant (Visionary nature), Clairaudient (Intuitive nature), and Healing (Feeling nature).
  • These four elements reveal aspects of your Personality Style and your innate ESP abilities.

3. Also you will receive an Energy Balance Gauge.

  • Discover how much of your Life Force is working for you in a Positive, Negative, or Indecisive overview.
  • This will indicate the degree you are "working hard" and "flowing smoothly" with your life.

You will be empowered with solutions to life's challenges and will discover a New YouThe Real You.

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Blockage Discovery Profile

The Blockage Discovery Profile is the second session in this series.

During a person's early years (normally 0 - 7 years of age), there is a natural tendency to absorb the positive and negative vibrations in the home environment.

If there was love and affection, then there is a tendency to be loving and caring as an adult.

If there was verbal and/or physical negativity during these early years, then these feelings become absorbed into the soul dimension. These negative experiences can affect a person into adulthood.

The Blockage Discovery Profile is designed to penetrate the symptoms of these deep seated experiences and unlock the experiences that stimulate emotional reactions.

  • Discover concepts/ideas of limitation in your life which are holding you back from fulfillment and success
  • Identify how you learned these patterns in your first seven years and how they affect your life today
  • Heal and release these concepts, replacing it with a new positive affirmation

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Percent of Balance in the Glandular System Profile


The Percent of Balance in the Glandular System is the third private consultation in this series.

There is a flow of spiritual (life force) energy through our physical body that heals and rejuvenates into each cell. 100% flow of this energy is vital for spiritual and physical health.

There are seven primary spiritual energy centers and associated physical glands this "life force energy" flows. From those seven centers the rest of the body receives energy.

A person's attitudes and sensitivity to energy can block or limit the flow of energy.

This session will identify:

  • Seven Spiritual Centers: Acceptance, Wants, Needs, Identification, Drive, Relating, and Giving
  • The amount of energy flowing through each of the seven centers
  • The balance or imbalance between inflow and outflow
  • Where you experience the greatest amount of pressure in your physical body
  • Specific ways your attitudes affect your energy level and physical body

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The above three sessions will establish a solid foundation for healing of the past and establishing a purposeful life for tomorrow.

They also serve as the best foundation for a Compatibility Profile where two people engaged in sharing a personal or working relationship learn how to successfully work together. Compatibility Profiles are administered by Ordained Ministers.

You will discover answers to the three aspects of Healing

  • Healing of bodily diseases: Dis-ease comes from the blockage in the free flowing energy within the physical body.
  • Healing of psychological diseases: Worry, Fear, Anxiety, Guilt, or Resentment. These are examples of emotional responses that work against us.
  • Healing of spiritual disease: Being unaware of spiritual laws and our own divinity.

Exploring the spiritual essence of your Life On Planet Earth will guide you to the New You, the Real You, that has been crying for expression.

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