Become an Ordained Minister

You can achieve becoming a recognized Ordained Minister and learn the healing arts.

Be a respected Ordained Minister in your community as you administer healing, counseling, and educating people on their innate spiritual nature.

Never before on Planet Earth has there been a greater OPPORTUNITY to join together as a team and help people find answers.

Together we can reach our goal of assisting people who are seeking to connect with their Higher Self, and experience the love and joy of being a spiritual being having a physical experience.

Becoming a Peace Community Church Ordained Minister is a minimum three year process of training and community experience. The first step is applying for the Licensed Student affiliation. There are no pre-requisites for the Licensed Student affiliation. Links to training requirements for each affiliation level are below.

Would you like to talk with a Peace Community Church representative about becoming an Affiliate or Ordained Minister? Email or call us with the best way to contact you (phone or email) and the best day and time. We will be in contact with you.

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Wayshowers College is the seminary for Peace Community Church Int'l and offers extensive training in healing, spiritual counseling, and effective leadership training.

Licensed Student

A Licensed Student learns spiritual unfoldment techniques in the arts of prayer, meditation, healing and the gifts of the Spirit.  Being a student is the first step in becoming an Ordained Minister.

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Licensed Teacher

Learning the procedures and expanding skills in the arts of prayer, meditation, healing (including laying on of hands) and the unfoldment of the gifts of the spirit are at the core of the Teacher experiences.  A Licensed Teacher is licensed for one year and completes the second step in being ordained.  

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Licensed Minister

A Licensed Minister makes a greater commitment in personal spiritual unfoldment and sharing with others. He has had training in administering specialized self-discovery consultations and life coaching.  Being a Licensed Minister is the third step to ordination.  

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Ordained Minister

An Ordained Minister is ordained for life. This is a lifetime commitment to oneself in personal spiritual involvement and unfoldment. This person extends his commitment to working closely with Spirit to be of service to others.

Becoming an Ordained Minister with Peace Community Church International is a meaningful experience. It is an anointing and designation that you earn through formal training, being mentored by other Ordained Ministers, and three years of community experience.   Learn more


"I felt the importance of reaching out to others with more peaceful ways of living.  When I became an Ordained Minister with PCCI, it was a feeling that lead me towards this goal and the understanding that greater things could be accomplished.  I had plenty of support from my spiritual team and the PCCI angels who back me as an Ordained Minister to fulfill my purpose and be of service."  Dawn Overstreet, Florida

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