World Energy Calendars

A Calendar Map of Energy Bands & Concepts as they
move through the Year

Plan on and work with energy flowing throughout the Earth.

Isn't it time to be more in command of your life? These calendars will help you start mastering your life, mastering energy.

These sessions will provide you with insight that will benefit you on your spiritual journey, inner wisdom, and living with confidence.

La Familia Nuestra World Energy Calendars are created by Wayshowers College.

Part of mastering yourself includes mastering your energy and the impact of it on those we interact with.  Whether you have trouble with people or the environment, this calendar can help master the sea of energy we all live in.  Energy and concepts can work for us or against us when we don’t understand the flow.

Starting today let the energy work FOR YOU!

After all, there is a need in each of us to be aware of the these different energies because each requires specific planning and goals to effectively work for us. Not just for us but without the big ups and downs as we move through life. Otherwise you may waste opportunity, energy, resources and/or move in the wrong timing.

NOTE: Study the images of the calendars carefully for each level. You will notice different information for each level.

LFN Level 1

La Familia Nuestra Level 1

It is no secret that “Spiritual Energy flows in bands throughout the world.” The LFN Calendar tunes you into these bands of Energy — Family, Friendship, Regrouping, Action, Ambition, Orientation and Direction. Some of the energy is light and fun, while other energy bands are intense and active. Knowing the days of these bands can help you plan your business, social and personal time with the awareness of which band is affecting the globe at that time.

Level One is the basic subscription of calendars and the explanation of each energy pattern influencing life on Planet Earth. It includes the energy for each day and how the seven vibrations flow through the month. Access to your calendars is available in two ways: Online Access to print to view digitally anywhere OR mailed legal size prints.

With this calendar, you will be less influenced by the cosmic energies flowing through Planet Earth and people who react to them.

$120/yr | $45/quarter | $20/month

LFN Level 2

La Familia Nuestra Level 2

Includes the energy bands of LEVEL 1 that flow throughout the world:  Family, Friendship, Regrouping, Action, Ambition, Orientation and Direction.

LEVEL 2 additionally provides you with

  • Theme for the month,
  • Daily energy map
  • And shows you when the 20 different energy concepts will be present in your environment. These energy concepts are personality traits that you will notice in the people around you.
  • Online Access to Wayshowers Philosophy tuning you into the Monthly Theme

$240/yr | $75/quarter | $30/month

LFN Level 3

La Familia Nuestra Level 3

Includes everything within Level I and II.

Additionally, LEVEL 3 provides you with drawings and symbols that indicate additional energies that reveal themselves in the environment. Also included is the explanation for these drawings and symbols. This level is for people who want to go deeper.

$360/yr | $105/quarter | $40/month

What the La Familia Nuestra World Energy Calendars
will mean to you

Everyone is affected by the flow of energy through Planet Earth as a "Sixth Sense." This can also be known as avenues of perception, spiritual sensitivity, intuition, or being psychic. We all have up to 30 - 45 of these intuitive impressions each day but many times overlook them or are not sure how to interpret them. This can lead to undue pressure or missed opportunities,

You will also learn how to use your Inner Guidance (spirit guides). Many times we need to make decisions in our lives but are unsure of the appropriate direction to take. Our Inner Guidance is there to help in this process. Their purpose is to share helpful insights but not make the decision.