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The Occult World Of Trance And Mediumship (Course 764C) In Australia

April 24 @ 6:00 am - April 25 @ 5:00 pm

Experiencing the third level of the trance healing program, you will reach a deeper level of spiritual cleansing, healing and self-awareness. 

You will experience special techniques to help you release habits and concepts that interfere with the work you came to do.

You will also tap into previous incarnations to realize more about your life direction and speed up your spiritual progress.

Experience the vastness of the galaxy in relation to time and space in the astral.

Understand how you can live an unlimited life experience, this lifetime, here on earth.

Victoria Australia in Geelong Area – This is an in-person course.

Prerequisites: To have experienced the 1002B profile at least three times. To have experienced course 764B. Recommended: to have experienced at least one of th1005-A, B ,C, D profiles.

Fees: $441 for first timers and $230 for refreshers (AU)

First Timer Registration Refreshers Registration

From the Department of Astro Soul, this course is an advanced training program.  Astro Soul is the exploration into the fifth dimension and the unconscious mind. In Astro Soul programs you move from the dimension of space time to light time, traveling as a free agent at the speed of light. Without eyes you can see, without ears you can hear and without a physical body you can feel! You will realize that life on Planet Earth is but a blink of the eye in the time span of eternity.