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Tapping the Source of Your Spiritual Alarm System

June 19 @ 6:00 pm - 9:00 pm

Course 4091: Tapping the Source of Your Spiritual Alarm System!

An International Zoom Online Three Hour Course

Saturday, June 19th, 2021 6-9 pm EDT

Have you every wondered why at certain times of your life everything you did turned to gold and at other times your life became a bit of a struggle?

This is an exciting course created by Wayshowers College to help each participant identify and gain working level experience with their Spiritual Alarm System. Learn to Work with Your Spirit Guides or Angels to identify your own internal Early Warnings to Stay On the Path of Your Inspiration – Involved in What You Love – so your Life becomes One Success After Another!

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Course fee – $45  Prerequisites – None

Instructors:  John Pease and Dawn Overstreet are Facilitators and Consultants with Wayshowers College, Astro Soul® and Business World programs.

This course is a Business World course 4091 within Wayshowers College.

Follow Up Coursework – Originally Designed to Strengthen the Inner Leadership in Each of Us

Astro Soul 747: “Timetables In Eternity: Exploring the Horizons Of My Existence” August 13 – 14, Zoom course

  • Unfold your Perfection as a Soul and How Free You Are

Business World 4454: “Tapping the Sources of Your Spiritual Alarm System” September 17 – 19, Zoom course

  • Building on course 4091, Expand Yourself Spiritually and Enjoy Your Life’s Work
  • 1008-B profile “Cycles of Personal Relationships” suggested to add value, but not required.

Astro Soul was founded in 1968 by a very wise and perceptive man named Dr. Francisco Coll, who also founded Wayshowers College, Inner Peace Movement, and two other internationally recognized spiritual movements.  Astro Soul and Business World have substantial angelic backing to clarify what is helping us and what Is holding us back from creating the life experience we want.