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Meditation for Beginners and Busy People – Part 2

May 19 @ 7:00 pm - 9:00 pm


This is Part 2 of the two day meditation training. Registration for Part 1 gives you access to Part 2

Tried meditation and gave up? Are you a meditation beginner and have difficulty getting started? This workshop has simple techniques and insights that will help you overcome common obstacles. Start experiencing the wonderful benefits of meditation.

50% of what you have been taught about meditation may not be accurate. If you feel blocked and life is stagnant, then experience this meditation workshop and start living the life you want. This workshop will teach you techniques that will help you overcome the common obstacles to effective meditation. You will experience your innate world of relaxation.

Sea of Tranquility Meditation is a special 4-hour workshop where you will learn simple visualization meditation and breathing techniques that you can use any time and any place. ALSO you will learn Advanced Lifestyle Insights that only few people know. These make a huge difference.

I teach the Profound Mystical Meditation techniques and methods. These methods have three distinct steps

  1. Effective techniques for calming the mind before beginning meditation
  2. Simple Sea of Tranquility visualization meditation
  3. Advanced spiritual living insights that transcends societal programming.

Also you will learn how common myths relating to angels, life purpose, life after death, hunches, and healing affects your spiritual evolution. Now is a perfect time to start being in command of your life.

9 Good Reasons To Attend:

  • Unfold your inner Sea Of Tranquility that will glide you through stressful events
  • Learn Four Types of Meditation that suits your active lifestyle
  • Learn how to attract success by following your Hunches and 6th Sense more effectively
  • Explore the essence of your True Life Purpose
  • Listen more clearly to your Higher Power
  • Discover your True Life Purpose and create loving relationships with family
  • Transcend the illusions and myths of your early societal training
  • Practice two ways for strengthening your aura from negativity
  • You will receive a 30-day meditation booklet that will empower you even more

 Techniques you will experience

  • Pre-meditation Relaxation: Seventh Heaven, Aura Cleansing, Rhythmic Breathing. These techniques will help to calm your mind for effective meditation.
  • Sea Of Tranquility: This meditation technique enables you to maintain an inner calm during stressful situations. Also. rejuvenate your “Life Force” at any time during the day. It is similar to taking a short nap and waking up refreshed, in as little as 20 seconds.
  • Methods of Meditation: Use each of the Four Avenues Of Perception to receive hunches and insights in this meditation technique. Learn how to ask specific questions and receive answers during meditation. This technique can be used at home and work. You will be communicating with spirit and your true feelings.

You will have extensive practice with these techniques so that when you go home, they will be easy to do, any time, any place. There are answers, but it may require you to suspend your current beliefs and evaluate NEW WAYS of understanding life.

If you would like to experiencing the benefits of meditation at home, work, and play, then this is one workshop you will not want to miss.


May 19
7:00 pm - 9:00 pm
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Roger Ringo