History of Peace Community Church International

Many people around the world has been touched by the efforts of the church's affiliates and programs. Some of the beginning history of the church has faded away in our memory. This article summarizes the history and captures the deep personal feeling and the structure of Peace Community Church International.

Are you aware Peace Community Church International energy is the direct continuation of Peace Community Church energy from its founding 54 years ago (incorporated October 11th, 1965)? Peace Community Church International also duplicates Peace Community Church’s structure that evolved during the 60’s and early 70’s.

For Peace Community Church International to be a spiritual vehicle for love and healing in action, we need to reconnect with, and be propelled by, the history of the core mission of both Peace Community Church International and PCC. Peace Community Church began in the Washington, DC Glover home where Francisco Coll, Carl Showalter, Thomas Reed and the Glover sisters Mary, Alice and Dorothy sat around a table and where Spirit brought through the mission and basic structure to found Peace Community Church.

Peace Community Church International was incorporated on November 20, 2002 with a mission of “offering fellowship and qualified spiritual leadership to anyone seeking inner peace, spiritual connection and evolvement through training and support of Affiliates who work with Spirit for healing of body mind and soul.” As it was with its parent PCC, the mission comes down to one word: Protection. That was the reason behind about 400 evolved angels pooling their support resources in 1965. Is that need just as real today?

Protection was needed in three areas

  • protection of the spiritual practitioner,
  • protection of IPM’s mission and
  • protection of the greater environment of all people

To comply with the rules and regulations of society, PCC had to be a church. Laying on of hands in the 1960’s, such as with the techniques of Group Cleansing, Energy Exchange, the Release was illegal unless the practitioner was a) part of a sanctioned medical practice, b) for the purpose of registered beautician or spa services, or c) part of the services of a church. Someone outside these three categories could realistically be sued or even jailed. IPM had incorporated in 1964 and lawful protection was a pressing issue.

Spiritual buffering was important too. Original IPM leaders with minimum training were going out on months-long tours across the United States and in other countries. Can you imagine what it was like at a time when speaking about the psychic was taboo, when the mainstream had not yet been exposed to the basic understandings of “Man and the Universe”? What we take for granted now as Wayshowers came about during the last 60 plus years!

We have witnessed a revolution of spiritual understanding. We have been part of initiating the language for spiritual experience and this revolution like a widespread wave reached the entertainment industry to the family living room! PCC angels protecting Nancy Seybert and Carl Showalter and all the other leaders at the beginning was essential because the opportunity was moving mountains!

PCC’s purpose in 1965 also was protecting the mission of IPM taking its first steps among a populace where there was both spiritual hunger and resistance and pressure. Among all the programs Francisco Coll founded, IPM is the workhorse for spiritual freedom. But PCC energy can open doors because so many people can relate having had a religious background. Astro-Soul alleviates some environmental pressure, PMM energy answers needs for inner calm and meditation in action but IPM is like the plow breaking spiritual ground. PCC provided IPM a buffering bubble of white light.

The opportunity today and for the tomorrows

Today, it is the opportunity of Peace Community Church International to cleanse the environment not only of those offering PCCI programs but those offering IPMI programs as well. Angels work through people, respecting their free will. You, Affiliates and Directors, make the decision to work with Peace Community Church International angels primarily through environmental cleansing so protection addresses IPMI needs as well as your own!

About buffering of the environment: bringing peace, oneness and harmony to the nation is a need as evident today as during the 60’s decade of chaotic culture change. Beginning in 1965, those affiliated with Peace Community Church received backing from the PCC angels as emissaries of that healing energy to their environment.

As Affiliates we still extend healing protection to individual participants when we share PCCI’s message through Spirit Calls and Community Fellowships. So too when we offer PCC programs from Wayshowers College Seminary such as PCC  lectures, group work and courses. We help provide spiritual breathing space for everyone in our country when we do Environmental Cleansing during our daily spiritual practice.

We hope this article has helped to understand the spiritual foundations that are backing your soul purpose.

Peace Community Church International