Are You Ready For Change?

Strange how much you’ve got to know,
before you know how little you know.
– Anonymous

How to change and adapt

Definition: What is Change?
To make or become different. Change over from one thing to something else. Stop doing or using one thing and to start doing or using another.

How well do you respond to something different in your life?
Do you respond to change?
In what ways do you react when your beliefs are challenged?

When you have a difficult time accepting the need for a change in your life, it could be you have outgrown your preconceived ideas about life. But you are still holding on to your programming.

Consider this….

Before 400 BC, everyone was sure that the earth was flat.
After 300 BC, people started to accept that the earth was round.
Up to 1500 AD, people believed that the solar system rotated around earth.
1600 AD and later, people normally accepted that the earth and planets rotated around the sun.
After 1920, it was discovered that our solar system was a part of the Milky Way, and the Milky Way was a part of a greater universe.

During each of those eras, people were certain they were right. It was only after additional experiences that beliefs changed. When brave explorers sailed off to the west over the ocean and came back from the east, it became acceptable to believe that the earth was round.

In your journey of spiritual awakening, it is good to evaluate and challenge how you have been taught to understand life. When how you truly feel inside is in conflict with how you have been trained (your concepts), then it is good to take time and explore your feelings. Most of the time it is your interpretation of your feelings, or experience that is the source of the inner conflict.

It is time to have a more current, contemporary understanding of your spiritual experiences. It is time to let go of “the universe rotates around earth” and embrace “earth is an integral part of the greater universe.” It is time to let go of those outdated concepts of who you are as a soul. Set sail into your inner universe with new ideas and new concepts that are in harmony.

Important Point

What you believe is always evolving and changing. For some people this is a slow process, for others it is a quicker process. You are evolving at your own pace. You are in the right place at the right time. Your time. It really cannot be any other way. Be aware each day with “how you feel” in addition to “what your think.” Denying how you feel leads to stress and pressure. It is the first step toward feeling disconnected from life.

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